How to defeat enemy with one move in combat?

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Since its launch on the market, husha has been highly recognized by frontline police officers and even favored by police beauties. The electric shock devices tested by the police officers this time were husha TX200. Both products are new non-lethal law enforcement police equipment independently developed and produced by husha. Husha originated from the Chinese police and must give back to the Chinese police. In line with the concept of excellence, husha has optimized and upgraded the performance of existing products based on new police actual combat needs and duty needs.


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1. Waterproof performance upgrade
The main body of the TX200 adopts an integrated structure design and has good waterproof performance. It can also be used normally in rainy days or humid environments.


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2.Cycle charging function
TX200 is equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can deliver more than 450 complete 5-second shocks on a single charge. The battery life is long, providing battery life guarantee for police officers on duty.


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3. Practical application cooperation
It comes with a high-brightness LED tactical light. You can use the LED tactical light to detect dark environments while holding the stun device, which can effectively enhance the application in low-light environments. It comes with a green laser aiming function, which can be used normally in bright light environments, helping to improve aiming accuracy.
4. Practical application: defeat the enemy with “one move”
Police officers will inevitably encounter various law enforcement scenes during their work. It is difficult to effectively combat illegal crimes while ensuring the safety of themselves or others by relying solely on traditional police equipment. The husha stun guns can knock down without killing. It is powered by high-pressure nitrogen and propels two flying needles to hit the target, causing the target's muscles and nerves to contract and lose their ability to resist.


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Husha has undergone a large number of actual combat tests. When frontline law enforcement officers encounter the above police situations, the use of electric shock devices can safely, efficiently and quickly subdue the opponent to maximize the protection of the lives of police officers and suspects. As a promoter of non-lethal police equipment, husha has always implemented the mission of "using technology to protect lives and prevent law enforcement from being harmed", and actively promotes training and promotion demonstrations of husha electric shock devices with the theme of "Life Support Project". The number of people who have personally tested and experienced it has reached tens of thousands.



In recent years, in actual combat exercises, husha have gradually become a training tool to improve the individual combat capabilities and tactical coordination capabilities of front-line police officers. Training on the use of husha electric shock devices provides a foundation for actual combat applications. According to some statistical feedback, the smallest combat unit (shield, stick and fork to deal with extreme violence), after adding stun equipment and systematic training, can greatly improve the success rate of law enforcement officers in handling police situations, making it safe and efficient. In the future, husha will continue to go deep into the great cause of the "Life Support Project", bringing husha stun devices to the front line, so that front-line law enforcement officers can distribute and use husha stun gun as soon as possible, and jointly contribute to the realization of full police safety Contribute to safety law enforcement!