Upgrade Your Equipment, Bad Guys Can't Escape——Stun Gun

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1. Why use stun guns
I believe everyone is familiar with traditional police equipment, including sticks, forks, tear gas sprays, and firearms. In the daily law enforcement process, sometimes we will face the situation where criminals use violence to interfere with law enforcement or attack police officers. Although the corresponding equipment is equipped when on duty, the law also stipulates that when the people's police use police equipment and weapons to enforce the law, they should stop illegal and criminal acts and minimize casualties and property losses. However, this also leads to many difficulties when using traditional police equipment for arrests. It requires multiple personnel to be dispatched and multiple equipment to coordinate. It is difficult to effectively control in a short period of time, and both the target and the law enforcement officers have a high risk of injury. When our front-line law enforcement officers face violent criminals, they are often in a situation where police equipment cannot be effectively responded to due to the principle of minimum use of force. There is a situation that does not meet the conditions for the use of weapons. In the process of handling, their own safety will be at greater risk. The original intention of the electronic control device is to use this equipment to bridge the gap between police equipment and weapons, which solves the problem of non-contact uniforms very well, and at the same time complies with the principle of minimum use of force, making law enforcement more efficient and safe. As a new type of non-lethal police weapon, the electronic control device has a double-burst binding and restraint function that makes the target lose the ability to move instantly without causing any permanent damage.


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2. Advantages of stun guns in law enforcement

  • The first point is safety, which can knock down the criminals without killing them, reduce the harm to criminals, enhance the confidence of police in the reasonable use of force, and reduce the pressure of public opinion after the use of weapons;
  • The second point is efficiency, which can achieve non-contact law enforcement and instantly subdue the criminals, effectively preventing the situation from further escalating;
  • The third point is reliability. It is independently developed and produced by our company, with simple and practical functions and mature and stable technology.
  • The fourth point is simplicity. The appearance and method of use are similar to those of pistols, and combat effectiveness can be quickly formed through simple learning.


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3. Working Principle
The principle of the conducted electrical weapon is to interfere with the communication signals (motor nerves) of the target's nervous system through electric current, making the target muscles incapable. After the discharge ends, it can be restored in a short time without leaving permanent damage to the body. Since the human body can conduct electricity, after hitting the target, the pulse current generated by the gun body will be transmitted to the body in the area covered by the flying needle, causing the muscles to contract involuntarily and instantly lose the ability to move.


conducted electrical weapon


4. Precautions for using stun guns

  • Avoid shooting dangerous parts such as the neck, face, and pubic area under the breasts.
  • Pay attention to the environment of the person being shot when using it, and avoid secondary injuries that endanger the life of the person being shot due to the person falling down.
  • Pay attention to the surrounding environment when using it, and keep away from children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Fourth, avoid using it in dusty spaces or near flammable and explosive materials.


The Husha stun guns three-in-one multifunctional double-burst capture device can handle the functions of binding, tear gas or electric shock, and can achieve a transition from low to high force levels, in line with the principle of minimum use of force. The equipment can greatly enhance the confidence of police officers in using it, and make leaders more at ease.Husha stun guns is committed to using technology to improve the level of law enforcement equipment and promote the popularization and application of new non-lethal law enforcement concepts, hoping to effectively stop violence while minimizing casualties!