Stun Gun Application Practice

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Public security police are responsible for protecting national security and maintaining social order. However, when facing knife-wielding criminals, courage and sense of mission alone are often not enough to effectively subdue them. For this reason, some local police have used a new type of non-lethal police electric shock device, which has achieved remarkable results in practical application.

Case 1: When the police in a certain place in Guangdong arrested a drug-related man with a knife, the police used a stun guns to deter and warn the criminal, successfully making him surrender, and completed the arrest operation safely and efficiently.

Case 2: When the police in a certain place in Hunan Province were arresting a man who was resisting arrest with a knife and an axe, the police officer decisively fired the flashlightstun gun, making the criminal lose the ability to resist, and used traditional police equipment to successfully control the man, and no casualties occurred.


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Through the above practical cases, we can see that the stun gun plays an important role in handling knife-wielding police incidents. Compared with traditional arrest police equipment, the stun gun has non-lethal characteristics, which can effectively deter criminals and reduce the risk of casualties. In the public security arrest operation, it is very important to choose the right equipment, and the stun gun has become a safe and efficient choice.


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In actual police handling, when public security police are facing armed criminals, courage and strategy are essential qualities, but these are not enough. Using inefficient attack equipment or dealing with knife-wielding criminals with bare hands often leads to casualties. As a new type of non-lethal police equipment, the stun gun provides a better choice. In the arrest of knife-wielding criminals, more and more facts have proved that the use of electric shock devices can effectively control criminals, avoid the tragedy of casualties caused by the police taking away the knife with bare hands or the police not daring to shoot or shooting with guns, and well protect the safety of law enforcement officers and the public and avoid the subsequent public opinion.

As a new non-lethal police equipment promotion and popularization unit, Husha will continue to support the public security department's continuous improvement in equipment and training, and provide safer and more efficient solutions for the handling of armed police situations.