Advantages of Applying Stun Guns to Law Enforcement

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On June 1, a police who had worked in the grassroots public security post for 30 years died while on duty after being stabbed 15 times by a gangster. This incident caused people's grief and sighs.

In the early morning of that night, Qiu Jianjun, deputy director of Hanxing Police Station of Jianghan District Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, encountered a suspect who frantically resisted arrest while leading a team to deal with a knife incident. In the dangerous moment, in order to protect the people and comrades at the scene, he fought a desperate battle with the knife-wielding gangster and was stabbed 15 times in the neck, abdomen and other places. He died after the hospital failed to rescue him.
Qiu Jianjun's sacrifice has attracted widespread attention on the Internet. In response to the relevant comments of netizens "shoot when you should draw your gun", on the morning of June 3, the official WeChat public account of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department "Safe Hubei" replied in the comment area, "According to reports, the scene was extremely cramped, and the suspect Feng waved the weapon manically. His mother tried to step forward to dissuade him. In order to avoid accidentally injuring the people and comrades, Qiu Jianjun rushed forward without fear and started a fight with Feng."

Faced with an extremely dangerous situation, due to the presence of the suspect's mother and the small space, Qiu Jianjun did not choose to shoot in order to protect the suspect's mother and comrades, but bravely fought with the suspect.


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Some people questioned why Qiu Jianjun did not shoot despite holding a gun. In fact, in a small indoor environment, with the suspect's mother present, most police officers would not easily choose to shoot. After shooting, the media may distort the report, leading to an imbalance in public opinion; superiors may also make unfavorable comments. In the current environment, it is very demanding to require police officers to enforce the law perfectly in emergencies. Qiu Jianjun's sacrifice is a huge loss to the country and the people. Efforts to reduce the occurrence of such sacrifices are urgent. The profession of public security police is a job full of dangers. In addition to strengthening the daily training of police officers, standardizing law enforcement, and protecting awareness. We also need to improve the equipment of front-line police officers and improve their ability to resist injury. It should be ensured that public security police have foolproof safety response preparations when enforcing the law.


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As a non-lethal police equipment promotion and application unit, facing such knife-wielding cases has once again aroused our attention and reflection! In order to better protect the safety of polices and avoid the influence of public opinion, perhaps we should consider exploring safer and more efficient means of handling.


stun guns

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As a non-lethal weapon, the stun gun has been widely used in law enforcement and security. It quickly interrupts the conduction of the nervous system by releasing electric current to the target, making the target temporarily incapable of action, thereby achieving the purpose of subduing criminals. Compared with traditional equipment, the stun guns has the following advantages:
1. Efficient and safe: The electric shock weapon can make the target incapable of action in a short period of time, reducing physical contact with criminals and reducing the risk of injury to police and suspects.
2. Non-lethality: Compared with traditional electric shock weapons, the use of the stun gun can minimize the occurrence of fatal injuries and is more in line with humanitarian principles.
3. Easy to operate: The conducted electrical weapon is easy to carry and operate, and the police can respond quickly and use the equipment for disposal, which improves the efficiency of disposal.
4. Influence of social public opinion: By using non-lethal weapons such as stun guns, the police can better deal with similar cases, reduce casualties and the occurrence of negative public opinion, and maintain social security and stability.
It is our common responsibility to protect the safety of the police and reduce the negative impact of social public opinion. We promote the application of stun guns in the hope of providing police with safer and more efficient disposal tools to ensure that they can better perform their duties and protect the safety of the people. At the same time, we also call on the public to treat the work of the police rationally and work together to create a safe and harmonious social environment.